Toluene is an aromatic compound that has many applications in chemical industries. Toluene, with C7H8 chemical formula, is found a lot in coal tar and with less quantity, in crude oil. Toluene is a colorless and flammable liquid, which is soluble in alcohol, benzene and ethers, but not water. The most important source of producing Toluene is reformates and after that is pyrolysis gasoline from olefin units. A little portion of toluene supply is derived from coke and coal-based processes.


Producing benzene – Through hydroalkylation process, benzene is derived from toluene.
Producing benzene and xylene – Through disproportionation process, benzene and xylene are produced from toluene.
Other chemical production – Toluene is the feedstock for producing a lot of chemical substances such as toluene di-isocyanate (TDI), explosive materials such as trinitro-toluene (TNT) and a lot of synthetic drugs.
Solvent – Toluene is a common solvent to use in paint, rubber, printing ink, adhesive, leather and surfactant industries.
Fuel – Toluene is added to gasoline as an octane booster.


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